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Sunday, February 10, 2013

BLINDNESS- "White Privilege", McIntosh---Argument

One of Peggy McIntosh arguments are that people of privilege are oblivious to the fact that they are "privileged" as individuals due to being white, male, heterosexual, and so on. She also goes to say that as being white or male privileged, they are taught that others are at a disadvantage, and not that they are advantaged. In other words, what I received from this article was that when being brought up in “privilege” people do not see themselves as having an advantage, so when being confronted with this problem the privileged tends to fight and steer away from the thought of being called an oppressor, or even when they are asked to step down from power, they object. Delpit stated loosely, those of privilege do not realize their advantages, whereas those who are less fortunate live in the disadvantage, experience and see how they are being slighted. This is a problem that has to be changed due to the fact that things cannot be fixed if they are not first recognized. They say the first step to healing is accepting and realizing your wrong, but those of privilege, men, whites, heterosexuals (and others), tend not to see how they are privileged and like McIntosh said, even though men do not believe that they are at an advantage, they still refuse to lessen their powers to be equal to the disadvantaged woman.