Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brown v Board of Education_ EXTENDED COMMENTS

Brown v Board of Education was passed on May 17,1954 and this was the "ending" of racial segregation, but people like Tim Wise and Readers like Rich Broderick has to disagree with the idea that racism is gone. Wise talks about Racism 1.0 and 2.0. In Racism 1.0 Wise goes into explaining to us that this is the obvious and expected racism that people encounter and those not directly affected by racism see. Wise also states that this form of racism was defeated when Obama was elected. Then he goes into talking about Racism 2.0 which Rich stated as "which is when white Americans act as if non-whites have complete equality in education and the workplace". Rich as expressed that he had not realized the ongoing racism in schools and in the work place until recently because like wise stated "He is not the target". Going on from this, I would also say that for a period in my life I did not see how racism did exist because I was given equal opportunity as the white girl who sat next to me in fifth grade. I won presidential awards and leadership awards, entered into programs that helped me educationally and was a straight A student, so during that time racism did not exist for me. As I got older though I did experience somethings from white people and even other black people proved that racism still lives. I remember I had just moved up here from the south and I was working at Target, and this older white man was checking out, as he was paying he  looked up at me and stared for a moment and then said "You are very pretty for a Black Girl." Now when, I heard this I laughed it off but there was a white lady standing behind him and looked at him in disbelief and asked him how could he say that, as if because I am black I am not pretty enough because my skin is too dark, or my hair is too coarse or my eyes are dark. I also experienced things with in my family where many of the guys feel like they cannot get ahead because of the "white man's system". I cannot completely agree with this statement only because I find that some, not all black males choose to put their selves in that category and choose to live up to the stereotypes and racists remarks made about Black men. I remember hearing one of my friends saying, "they don't expect us to be anything and they take away our opportunities, so why should I try?" But this mentality is one of the reasons that I feel that racism still lives outside of those non-colored who decide to still live in racism. Wise said "When did racism stop?" because it did not, it has just become more frowned upon but it still lives. I agree with Rich racism is here and many of us who are not directly targeted by it or those of us even colored who choose not to let it put a limitation on our achievements, do not see that racism still lives 


  1. Yes you are so right,but white people think the same thing that people of color are taking their jobs as well. I agree with you that their is still racism going around and people do not notice it at all. Great Post I really liked your personnel connections to it.

  2. Hi Tiarra! I love your picture at the topic that opens your blog! I found that to be kinda funny in a way! I agree that racism is still around and people don't notice but should! Your connections were great to your own life and I enjoyed readying your posts!

  3. Your connections are great, I always enjoy reading your posts!