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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oakes_Tracking:Why Schools Need to Take Another Route

Tracking in the school system has been considered to handicap the students`and educational system as a whole. Oakes shows us how tracking is not stimulating or motivating enough for the students. Students who are more advanced should not have to be slowed down for those students who may need a little more help with their assignments, also those who need more help should not be rushed in order to keep with those who are more advanced in the academic learning. But, we also should not completely separate these children due to the fact that the more advanced student could help to push along the others, peers can be great motivators, and vice a verse because it gives these children who need help the opportunity to get direction from someone other than a teacher or adult figure. Below is a video on tracking in schools and who is accountable for the failure in our students due to tracking.

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