Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Orenstein_Cinderella Ate my Daughter

In the video above we see one of the major things that Peggy Orenstein talks about in her book Cinderella ate my Daughter. When reading a few of the chapters that were assigned to us for this reading we see that Peggy is not saying that we should take away Princesses and Action figures from our children. Though, she is warning us of the message that we are sending to the children when we drill these types of things into their heads and make it seem as if play co-ed is a bad or not approved thing. I grew up in a family of majority boys and I played football with them and I would use my brothers toy cars to push around the little bit of dolls that I would play with. In general I was not the girl who liked wearing pink and puffy dresses, instead I liked the color purple (still I see as feminine) and I liked to go outside and not necessarily get completely dirty like the boys but it was fun. As I grew up I did learn how to cook and clean as did my little brother and quite frankly he does a better job in the kitchen than I do and I am more tech and mechanically savvy than he is but that does not make him gay or me a lesbian but it is simply what we enjoy and what we are good at. I feel like this is the message that Orenstein is trying to put out there. We do not have to deprive little girls from their princesses and little boys from Iron Man or Spider man, but we should encourage teaching boys that it is okay to learn how to cook and even not be afraid of showing their emotional side while girls should learn to be able to fend for themselves and be noticed in the work field as strong and academically worthy and not just another pretty face. 

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