Monday, September 9, 2013

About Me---FNED 352

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Tiarra Townsend and I am currently a Junior at Rhode Island College. I graduated from Classical High School June 2011, and RIC's Preparatory Enrollment Program (P.E.P). I came into RIC as a Nursing Major and by my second semester as a freshman I had changed my Major to Health Care Administration. I began taking some courses for this and found myself bored with all of the back work of dealing with the Health Care system. Half way through my first semester as a Sophomore I was invited to attend the seminar for Youth Development and I fell in love from there. This program was exactly what I was looking for, this program has allowed me to be able to educate myself in a area of expertise where I can go out and fulfill my goals in helping youth who have had similar and different struggles in life than myself. Unfortunately RIC does not have a minor for Special education but with some help I was able to come up with a concentration that gets me close until Grad school. The experience that I have had in working with youth has been through volunteering at Sackett St. elementary school helping Kindergartners with their reading and math. I have also volunteered at my aunt's group home in NC, and at the J. Trudeau Center in Warwick, RI, when my mother worked in their Early Intervention department. Overall, I am excited to be working and learning along side many of you and I am looking forward to a great semester.

Best of LUCK to everyone
Tiarra Townsend :-)

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