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Friday, September 20, 2013

By Tiarra and Amanda

WHY DO WE BLOG????? In today's society, we blog for many reasons... to express ourselves, to relate to others, to compare differences, because we have to, to broaden our horizons, to learn, to laugh, to keep in touch and sometimes it is just because we have nothing better to do at the moment. We blog for our own personal reasons and on some level, liked we talked about in class, we are "alone together".
WHY SHOULD WE ENCOURAGE YOUTH TO BLOG????? I think we should encourage youth to blog because it is an ever-present outlet. An outlet for creativity, to vent, to inspire others, to just let it all out. The blog is always there and as the phrase "live and learn" goes... over time, you will live and learn. Blogging over time allows individuals to see their growth over time and I think that is something that every youth strives to see. They want to see where they have been, where they are and where they can go from here.

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