Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TED TALK: Next Generation

Listening to this session made me think a lot about my life and the many situations that I am facing now at 20 years old. For a long time in my life I have talked about all of the things that I wanted to do and dreamed of the ways that I would do it and over the years it has changed. One thing that was stated in my session that really stood out to me was how that said for about 17 years of our lives (educational life) we are directed on how to do things and the right and wrong way along with being pulled every which way to different careers paths and what people thinks would fit our personalities. I have over the years gone against many of the decisions and ideas that others had made and set out for me in order to find my true passion and what it was that I really enjoyed doing and even to this day I am still paving that way. It was ironic, just the other day I was talking to my uncle telling him how sad and lonely I felt living here and that I felt like I could not be all that I can living here. I have big goals and I am determined to make a difference, and that is not to say that this community does not need my help and that I do not want to help, but in order for me to get the best resources and learn all that I can and bring my best to the table I have to get out and find what it is that I am really looking for. It is true, being 20 is a difficult stage in life and for me I was forced to grow up much earlier than most, but it has shaped my mind and my determination and made me really focused in life. Often times people look at me and say you are really mature for your age or that it is not common to see young women in my generation doing the things that I am doing, and it is the statements like that, that helps me to remain focus and to prove that our generation is not full of knuckle heads that have no direction and like to party all day long, though going out every once in a while is well needed, but we have great determination, and it just takes a few to make our generation outlive the expectations that the older generations hold against us and expect from us.

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