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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Accepted Students Day


During accepted students day, it was a chance for me to accomplish one of my weaknesses, which is being able to be head on in the public eye talking about the things that I love. When first arriving to this event, I was talking to some of my fellow classmates about how nervous I was about just going out and grabbing incoming students to be possible interest for the Youth Development Major. It is not like I did not know what I was talking about when talking about Youth Development, it was just the fact of sharing my personal experience and hoping that it was convincing enough for these students and their families to want to join our family. It was that first family that was the hardest, many of us mentioned, but when Jess went out and spoke to that first family I said that I was going to be next, and I was. As I walked over to the family I began telling myself that I could do it, "this is your life Tiarra, it should be easy." So the closer I began to get to the family the more confident I had become and I introduced myself and the information just flowed. After that it came to me easy, my 60 second elevator speech had become perfected in those very moments and I forgot about everything else and just began to tell my story about how I became involved in Youth Work and why it is such a great and productive program to be in. There were many parents that were very questioning and I loved that because it gave me a chance to further explain the program and my story as well as some of my peers telling their stories and showing how different we all are in our paths but we all have the same goal and objective in mind, which is to help youth. This day one reminded me of how time is flying and all the youth that are out there and they need our help and that there are so many other young adults out there willing to help.

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